American Chemical Society

Meeting Mail for the 250th American Chemical Society National Meeting & Exposition
Boston, MA, August 16-20, 2015

Meeting Mail is a communication tool that allows you to exchange personal messages with other registered attendees using e-mail before, during, and after the meeting. You must register for the meeting before you can use Meeting Mail, as you will need your badge number to access this system. Once registered, your account will remain available until November 16, 2015, and available to all ACS meeting attendees.

You can send a message to a registered attendee in two ways:

Locate a registered attendee & send a message through Meeting Mail
Search by name, company, city, or country, and send a direct message through the Meeting Mail system. Other than name, company, city, or country, no personal details for any registrant are accessible through this system.

Send a direct message from any e-mail provider
You can also e-mail a message to any registrant from any computer using their unique badge number from the meeting. Just send a message to their personalized version of For example, if their badge number is 001230, then their address would be

Check your own online mailbox As a courtesy, Meeting Mail will notify you about new messages by sending a message alert to your designated e-mail account that you used to register for the meeting.